10 best veg protein rich food during pregnancy

10 best veg protein rich food during pregnancy


Proteins are very important for development of muscles, bone, and even hair. Your child requires protein for developing his organs while in your belly, particularly during the second trimester and the third trimester. The child is on a development session during these trimesters. In this post we are going to discuss about 10 best veg protein rich food during pregnancy that every pregnant women should take.

Many veggie lover ladies stress that they are not getting sufficient protein in their eating regimen, and this irritates them more when they are pregnant.

10 best veg protein rich food during pregnancy
10 best veg protein rich food during pregnancy

We get enough protein by having a good amount of healthy diet during pregnancy. Proteins made up of amino acids and it helps in building healthy cells and other tissues for better function of body.

How much protein should a pregnant woman intake?

An average women need 45 gm protein on daily basis for healthy living and normal functioning of body. In pregnancy the protein requirement increases by 25 gm so a pregnant woman need around 70 gm of protein per day for good health.

10 best veg protein rich food during pregnancy

1. Soy product

Soy products are great for people who are sensitive to lactose. It’s a good idea to avoid ready-made vegetable soy products as they are likely to contain monosodium glutamate, which is not good for pregnant women. Some soy products are like.

Soy Milk: There are a lot of flavors in the market. Before buying, check the sugar content.

Tofu: It is made from dried soybeans that are soaked in water, crushed, and boiled. Just toss it into the griller and enjoy a tofu snack.

2. Nuts and seeds

During pregnancy, nuts can do wonders. The nuts provide vitamins and minerals to the body. A cup of nuts can yield between 25 and 35 g of protein. Some of them are rich in anti-oxidants.

Its easy and simple to make snakes with nuts and seeds, just add some taste makers and enjoy your snacks anytime anywhere.

You can also add some Walnuts, Pistachios, Almonds, Peanuts, Pecan nuts, and Cashew nuts to make it more tasty and healthy.

3. Seeds and pulses

Women who are pregnant should use below seeds as they provide a lot of vitamins and minerals i.e. lotus seeds, chia seeds, Sunflower seeds, Flax seeds, sesame, pumpkin seeds etc. They are full of protein and carbohydrates they also provide calcium, minerals, Omega 3, fatty acids, Vitamin E, and folic acid

4. Cereals

Cereals are fortified with vitamins and iron and have no added sugar. They also give fiber and minerals. As they undergo processing and flavouring, the fancy ones tend to lose their nutrition value. oatmeal cereals are mostly unprocessed and are a healthier choice.

5. Whole grains

Chapattis, bread, and even sweets are all made from wheat. Brown rice, Oats, Mill, Finger millet, and Wheatgerm are some of the great whole grains. The less processed whole grains are healthy and good for you. Adding whole grains to a woman’s diet is important, Nowadays the market promotes multi-grain pieces of bread, atta, and even noodles.

6. Dry fruits

Dried fruits can be easily stored and eaten at any time. You can add dried fruits to your diet to increase protein in your diet like Dates, Prunes, Dried Apricots etc also you can bake cookies using dried fruits which are much healthier.

7. Milk

Milk is an excellent source of calcium and it is also an excellent source of protein. A cup of whole milk provides around 7-9 gm of protein. It is good to have at least 2 to 3 cups of milk a day.

8. Vegetable for protein

Dark leafy vegetables are rich in vitamins that can help protect against cancer. 2 serving of vegetables is what vegetarians usually have in a day.

Vegetables are full of Proteins, vitamins, minerals, calcium, and iron. Adding vegetables daily in your diet is very beneficial for you. Some high protein rich vegetables are green peas, artichokes, sweet corns, asparagus, mushrooms, brussels sprouts.

9. Beans

There are a number of health benefits to have beans in diet. It helps in reducing cholesterol, decreasing blood sugar levels, and increasing healthy gut bacteria, it can be achieved by eating more of them. In Indian households, beans and legumes are high source of protein. A cup of cooked kidney beans provides around 20 gm of protein.

10. Cheese

Cheese is a good source of protein, calcium and fat. It has high amounts of vitamins A and B12, along with zinc, phosphorus and riboflavin. Cheese is fatty but also rich in protein. Its good to have cheese but in a limit.

Those are 10 best veg protein rich food during pregnancy that every woman must have during pregnancy for good health and fitness. Those food products are high in protein which helps in development of baby inside womb of pregnant lady. Also there are many other benefits like weight loss, muscle gain, and improve metabolism.


We hope that this post is helpful for you and you find all the answers of your questions that which are best veg protein rich food during pregnancy. If you still have doubt in this topic then please feel free to contact us. To read more interesting posts like this please check our other posts.



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